Testimonials by Students of GSA

Testimonials by participants of workshop

Shruti Samvaad |  श्रुति संवाद ™  ~ A Conversation with Music …


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Excellent workshop! Looking forward for many more such workshops. Very useful in understanding the nuances of Hindustani Classical Music.

~ Ms. Niveditha R

I came today with no expectations. This is the first of this kind of a workshop. I am extremely glad to have witnessed such a beautiful informative evening. I hope to be a part of many more such workshops.

~ Ms. Shobana Muthukrishnan 

The programme was very nice and informative; especially the renditions by Dr. Shruti Jauhari which made me feel transported to a different world.

~ Mr. V. Sivasubramaniam 

A very informative event. The fact that the explanations are co-related to Carnatic Classical Music, without discrimination, makes it more interesting and adaptable to South Indian rasikas also. Hope you continue these lectures and bridge the gap between North Indian and South Indian art forms.

~ Ms. Aishwarya Barani 

Ms. Shruti, a great Scholar, Ustad, have given me a wonderful opportunity to listen, learn and gain more knowledge about Hindustani Classical Music. Classical Music is an Ocean (SAAGAR) and today received a drop of its ocean as knowledge. I would like to confer Ms. Shruti, a NAIK rather than a GAYAK. I wish she spread this valuable knowledge to this world, by lec-dems as brick by brick, constituting a building of success.

~ Mr. Kunnakudi Srinivasan

Nice and informative presentation rendered aptly. It would be better if the session can be conducted in well known mini hall, wherein more audience can be accommodated.

~ Mr. Sankara Narayana

The event was very good and informative. Clubbing of information along with Music made it more enjoyable.

~ Ms. Revathi

The event was one of its kind for me. What I gathered in a short time, of the vast oceanic subject, was very satisfying. Your programming of step-by-step educating was of great advantage. It was a very satisfying experience.

~ Mrs. Sunitha Ghorpade

The program was very good and your presentation was very awesome. This is the first time I watched Sangeet Academy in a live show so it is very interesting for me. Your voice is very sweet and very interesting to hear your voice. I am very privileged to attend your presentation.  

~ Mr. Radhakrishnan

Session is very well planned & presented. It has created an interest & little understanding on Hindustani Music. I like low tempo in Hindustani in your presentation. Like to hear Hindustani in your voice which is very good. Thanks for the invite.

~ Mr. Suresh