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SAMVAAD (Conversations) is devised in a way such as to share the knowledge to help with an understanding and appreciation of the genre of Hindustani Classical Music.

The broad outline, scope and reach of a typical SAMVAAD workshop is, but not limited to, the following:

  • SAMVAAD lectures generally start with tracing the origins and evolution of Indian Classical music with special emphasis on the ancient and medieval period.
  • Discussion over evolution of Hindustani Music with special reference to its development fr
    om the 17th Century AD.
  • Detailed discussion covering the various Gharanas of Hindustani vocal music.
  • Discussion on important aspects of Hindustani Classical Music like Swar, Raag, Taal, Thaat etc.
  • Punctuated with performances, befitting the topic of the discussion.
  • Reference listening to the Audio Clips of great Ustaads and eminent performers, representing various Gharanas.
  • Regional and Film Music is also discussed in brief.
  • Detailed talk on the present format of Hindustani Classical Music – the Khayaal Gayaki and other Semi-Classical forms like Thumri, Dadra etc., followed by a performance demonstration with finer nuances to be discussed during / after the performance.

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