Geetanjali Sangeet Academy also organise orientation program for Teachers of Hindustani Classical Music. The program titled ‘Teachers Orientation Program’ – TOP is a very unique concept of ‘Mentoring and Training’ senior & advanced students of Hindustani Classical Music become promising Teachers in due course. Highlights of the program are as follows:

TOP covers ‘intensive’ training in Hindustani Classical Music.

TOP is highly customised for existing teachers and aspiring senior students interested in teaching Music.

TOP sessions cover areas such as Voice-Culture, Structured  Curriculum, Study-Material and Music-Theory.

TOP includes exclusive sessions by highly experienced professionals on General Administration,  Basic Accounts, Professional & Ethical Practices, etc for maximum outcome and success of their institution.

TOP  also includes session on Technological aspect of Music by trained professionals in the field.

TOP may even include ‘live’ sessions with students of Level -1. This would be optional and will depend upon the suitability and time available.

TOP will benefit musicians and music lovers aspiring to open their own Music School / Institute /Academy and to manage it professionally.

TOP Certificate will qualify participants to be eligible for institutional mentorship & guidance of Geetanjali Sangeet Academy, exclusive ‘Copyright’ protected structured-curriculum & study-material, if they so desire.