India is a country with extremely rich and cultural past spread across more than 5000 years of history. Various cultural traditions and art-forms have refined and evolved over this long period of time. Music is one such art-form that can be traced back to five thousand years of Indian History. Indian Classical music has developed and evolved over this long period. This was made possible through the immense contribution and efforts of many Teachers, Musicians, Musicologists and Scholars of various forms of Indian Music. They propagated and passed on this rich music tradition and heritage as a legacy to the subsequent generations.

Geetanjali endeavours to take this tradition further, following the ancient time-tested Gurukul system of education, through a seven-year structured course in Hindustani Music. Geetanjali will not only train in the art of singing, but equal emphasis will be given to Voice Culture and Musicology or the Theory of Music; areas that are often ignored and omitted in a typical music education.

It is my observation that if a child is exposed to Classical Music traditions right from early childhood, she has a much enriched adulthood.

Geetanjali is committed to a highly focused and refined education system of Hindustani Classical Music in Practical as well as Theoretical areas, in order to create fine musicians, musicologists, and connoisseurs of music.

We therefore invite parents to introduce their wards to this unique program initiated by Geetanjali school of Music.

Dr. Raj Mohan Verma.

Founder: Geetanjali Sangeet Academy.