Welcome to a Journey towards Perfection – Complete surrender to Music …

Anybody can sing. For, music is a gift that lies within all.

While the gift is common to all, the blessed are those Musicians who surrender to their craft. The Legends, we revere, are the ones who received that gift and cherished it with Practice, Patience and Perseverance. This is what we encourage at GEETANJALI Sangeet Academy (GSA) – to respect and bring to life the Musician and Music within you.

Every musical piece you choose to render, holds elements of Science, Art and Craft within it, and to strike a harmony between all these three elements is where True Mastery lies.

Associated with Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya (IKSV) Kairagarh University, GSA is an exclusive center for Hindustani Classical Music, where we work to evoke this intuitive instinct from within every student by imparting a holistic Training which focus on the art of Singing, Voice Culture, and Musicology – areas that are often ignored and omitted in a typical music education.

We see education in Music as a Journey towards perfection – where there can never be one true state of correctness, but simply a constant evolution in Musical Precision. And, the sheer love and surrender towards Music makes the Journey, A Destination.

GEETANJALI Sangeet Academy is our Journey towards Perfection, envisioned to be yours.