India is changing, and changing rapidly. The last fifty years and especially the last decade has witnessed massive change in the mindset, preferences and outlook – the entire life style of the young India. The IT revolution is shrinking the world, blurring the borders and making it a global Village; and the youth is soon becoming a global citizen and has a much wider choice and options for life. While this phenomenon is bringing in some very positive elements, it is also observed that a lot is being lost in the transition. It is important for us to realize that we are the inheritors of perhaps the worlds oldest and richest civilization, complete by itself.

Indians are witnessing and experiencing a new way of life. But amidst all this conglomeration and confusing situations, one is often posed with the question – what about the rich Indian culture and heritage? Will our young ones carry this rich cultural heritage to their next generations, as has been the case for the last 4 to 5 thousand years?

Geetanjali in a very small way wishes to contribute towards this endeavour of preserving the rich Indian Music traditions. The beautiful Indian Classical music traditions are finding it hard to make a place in the “heart and soul” in todays scenario.

Geetanjali, through extensive Music Education, Lec-Dems and Workshops, hope to reach out to the world and share the depths and awareness of Indian Music Traditions, help better understanding and appreciation, for a much enriched Lifestyle.

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